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5 Quarters Theatre Company Takeover Project
Youth Theatre Project Guernsey

Our recent 'Takeover' Production HERE 


The 5 Quarters Theatre Company ‘Takeover’ supports and develops Guernsey’s performing arts sector through training and mentoring, along with championing emerging young creatives and performers living on the island.


How it Works:

The 'Takeover' is a community project where the whole production is produced by young people. In essence, the young production team are nurtured and mentored by a member from 5QTC. They will then run a full scale stage musical (or play) from start to finish. All the decisions and responsibilities are made by them!

It is the first of its kind in Guernsey, and as far as we know, the world! 

The 'Takeover' Roles: 

  • Director

  • Musical Director

  • Choreographer

  • Producer

  • Stage Manager

5QTC know that theatre is an avenue of self-expression and a gift for young people to express their thoughts creatively. Please get in touch with us HERE if you are thinking about pursuing a career in the arts, as this is a fantastic opportunity to experience everything related to theatre.

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